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Integrated Therapeutic Massage: Responding to the Effects of Chronic Stress

Stress helps us adapt to life’s challenges. When we are stressed over a prolonged period of time, however, it becomes chronic, which creates negative effects in related areas of the mind and body, including the brain and the immune system (McEwen, 2004). Not surprisingly then, chronic stress contributes to adverse physical and mental health conditions (Miller, Chen & Zhou, 2007). How may chronic stress decrease our daily quality of life?

  • Physically: Tight muscles, pain, sleep problems, headaches, high blood pressure
  • Emotionally: Anxiety, depression, irritability
  • Mentally: Forgetfulness, difficulty concentrating and completing work
  • Behaviorally: Overeating, overuse of pain medications, reduced mobility and physical activity

Do any of the symptoms sound familiar? If so, contact Diana at Integrated Therapeutic Massage for help reducing stress and improving the quality of your life. She can be reached at: 414-678-9294 or e-mail at


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